Fluctuating energy use and rude customer service

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My energy and gas bills are now higher since switching over to AGL.


On top, there had been very significant fluctuations in my energy usage.

In June 2023, my gas bill was $57 and then in July it was $273.

There was no change in the way we used our stove / hot water over the last 2 months.


And when I called customer service for explanation, they hung up on me after I explained my issue and never called back.

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Same when they switched me over. They don't even offer a reduced amount if paid early either. 


I'm going to look for a better deal but doubt others are any better

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They even made it so hard to cancel the account.


I sent a message using the chat service to cancel my electricity and gas yesterday at 11:00am and no one replied until 3pm++ and obviously I wasn't there to wait around. Now I have to restart the whole process again.


Completely blown away by the level of service.

I am done and never coming back again. 

Waste of time and money.

I hope there is a way to clarify my past bills to know if they have illegally overcharged me.