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I have noticed my recent gas bill is almost doubled than the normal and found out that the conversion factor used to work out for water heating was increased by 40%. Plesae provide comments.


AGL Moderator
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Hi VincentHo, Thank you for getting in touch with us. 


The conversion factor is calculated to determine the average MJ of gas (the amount of energy used) to heat each 10 litres of water used in your building for the billing period. 


There may be a few reasons why your conversion factor is higher than usual.

  • The number of people using the system
  • The efficiency of the hot water system 
  • The temperature settings 
  • The condition and insulation of the pipework 
  • The distance from the hot water system 


Kind Regards, 


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I have the same question, but your response does not make sense to me.


What is measured by my gas meter is the volume of gas consumed, yes?


The factors you list may well impact the amount of energy consumed, and therefore the volume of gas used, but AGL has no visibility of these factors, so how can AGL arbtrarily change this number?  The "conversion factor" appears to be converting something to Mj (i.e energy consumed). So my question is "what is the conversion factor actully converting from?  Is it converting from gas volume?  If so, what are the units used?  My meter readings indicate a consumption of 85 cubic meters which my bill reports as a "Heating Value" of 38.18 followed by a conversion factor of 0.9935 from which a Usage of 3,224 is stated.  I need to know:


  What is the "heating value" and how does it relate to the gas volume?;


  What is the "conversion factor" converting from and to and how is it obtained;


  How is the Usage (3,224 Mj) calculated form the other figures.


From the figures n my bill I cannot see how the Usage of 3,224 Mj has been derived from the metered volume of 85 cubic meters.  There appears to be a lack of transparency here.