Conflicting advice from AGL Customer Service Reps and AGL website

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Transferred my electricity over to AGL from a different provider. It's now been 10 business days since time of sign-up. My account is still not fully active. AGL have assured me that I will be getting billed from the day of sign-up which provides some peace-of-mind, but every other electricity transfer i've undertaken with electricity companies other than AGL has taken two days maximum. It hasn't been a dragged-out process like this.

AGL has shown that they're much slower than the industry standard in terms of getting your account up and running and transfer fully completed.

I also have been told different things by their Reps on the AGL website chat facility, with one telling me it will take within 10 days and another one saying it will now take up to 28 days for transfer to be complete.

I re-iterate, every other electricity company takes up to two days to fully transfer, so for AGL to be now saying it will take 28 days for complete transfer is atrocious.

I have power to the property. That isn't the problem. My concern is for billing to go smoothly.

This really isn't a good impression for my first time ever dealing with AGL.



This was originally posted on Product Review website but an AGL Rep named Steven has referred me here for my issue to be followed-up and addressed. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi timbucktoo, Thanks for reaching out. I will send you a private message shortly to get more details. Cheers, Deepesh

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Hello Deepesh,


You've requested details and I've provided them to you and now you've gone missing. There is absolutely no urgency at all in addressing customers' concerns no matter which avenue I take.