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From   the last two weeks I have tried to change my electricity  billing frequency, but have not succeeded. The message that I often got from the AGL computer is :"SORRY, WE'RE UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST RIGHT NOW. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. IF THE ISSUE PERSISTS, YOU CAN  IN TOUCH WITH US HERE AND WE 'LL SORT IT OUT"Can somebody tell me what else should I do.

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The "here" is a hyperlink.


Hyperlinks are normally blue and if you click on them then you will be directed to a new site


For instance the "here" you are referred to should be the AGL Contact us website with the hyperlink ""


Now I can also do the same HERE.


If you click on either of these hyperlinks you will be redirected  to a new web page.


The link should take you to this page.




The above is a graphical image and is not available for you to click on.


Now I am not an AGL employee and like you are just a community member.


If this solves your answer please solve this, if it helps you but is not the resolution you desire please click the like button.


Please do this for any post that you read.


Welcome to the AGL community.




PS if you reply to this post with another query I will receive this and try and assist you

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Last Wednesday, I spoke to somebody at AGL. I had given in writing  to this person (man) what changes  I needed  in my  current and future billings.  He sent a  code to my current mobile for my clicking. I  just did that.  No communication after that from AGl. As far as I am concerned, nothing has  changed. .

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Hi @Rao1947,


Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to Neighbourhood. I'll send you a private message to get your account details from you.


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