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Disconnection of electrity and gas was requested on 29/01/24. I am waiting for the bill

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Gas meters have to be manually read, Analogue meters have to be manually read.


The information then has to be supplied to your retailer.


The retailer then has to finalise your bill and then send it to you.


If you have printed bills, then they will send it to your nominated billing address, other wise it will go to your E-Mail address.


Posted bills take up to 5 working days at best these days (blame AU post not AGL).


Has the electricity and gas been turned off, did you write down any appropriate readings.


If you have changed providers and remained at the same address then you should get notifications from both of them.


If you are really concerned then ring AGL on the contact numbers found on the web or your last bill.


Maybe you could look on the APP / WEB Page and see if they have supplied the final figures..

Cheers Neil

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