unable to use ebilling

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Not able to use eBilling as I do not have Smartphone capability.

Wish to contiinue with the Meters being read the same as now, by Ausgrid, and accounts sent to my existing e-mail address


Judith Gray

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AGL Team.  Further to my reply of 22 August 2020 regarding eBilling.   

Confirming that I do not own a smartphone.

Would like to advise that I am in my late 70's and am unable to access my meter box due to my mobility problems.     


Judith Gray


AGL Community Manager
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Hi Judith,


Don't worry, you don't need a smartphone to make use of the new eBill summary - it simply arrives in your email.


There are also no changes happening to how meters are read or estimated.


The only thing that has changed is a refresh of the bill format you receive in your email, to make important info easier to read.