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I received a message stating i was getting a refund from my electricity account , not knowing what this was for i got in touch with AGL ,they told me it was for solar credits i disputed this as the money drawn for the cheque was taken out of my credit which was in my account , that account was in credit because i was putting money into it every week(it wasn't in credit because of solar) so to say it was solar credits is crap. It is very hard to explain it to someone that has no idea about what i am talking about . I rang and spoke to someone and also done a web chat but still no real answers. .It's a shame that there is nobody is Australia that I can talk to and get answers from.

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Hi I have had exactly the same problem and they claim to it understand! In fact when I spoke to someone in Customer Resolutions they said “are we only talking $143?” Which frustrated me even more! To the point I was told that they would hang up and they did! This is the biggest con going and AGL use your own money to pay refunds! 

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Have you ticked the box that gives you monthly or quarterly payments.


We have solar and pay $10 each fortnight in case we get a bill.


Every year in July if we have more than $100 credit they pay us by cheque to our address.


No issues at all for 4 years now.

Cheers Neil

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