To be switched from Solar Savers plan to Value Savers Plan - Queensland

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I’ve just received an email from AGL saying my  present Queensland  Solar savers plan will be switched over to a Value savers plan.  I think the only people getting value out of this new plan on offer are AGL.


My current Solar Savers plan is due to expire in April 2023. This plan pays 56c per kwh feed-in tariff : 44c from the Qld Govt Solar Bonus scheme plus an additional 12c from AGL.


The new Value Savers plan on offer will pay just 44c per kwh feed-in tariff, which is just the Qld Govt Solar Bonus. AGL are offering no additional feed-in bonus.


I phoned up the AGL help line to query this, and apparently because I receive the 44c bonus from the QLD govt I am not eligible for any additional AGL feed-in bonus. I don’t know if this is just for Queensland.


Just like many others I have been unable to find the full and complete costs  of these AGL plans.

How can I compare plans when I can’t see all of the associated costs.

All the links take me to the Australian Govt Energy Made Easy comparison site, which simply gives an overview of each plan. Very frustrating.


I’ve been a long term customer of AGL with no complaints, however considering this latest offer it looks like it is time to switch energy providers.   I wonder how many other customers will read the fine print and notice this change to their feed-in tariff.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @BigStu,


Thanks for getting in touch. Receiving Government rebate of 44c/kWh does mean that you are not currently eligible for additional payments for your Solar. You can view all our current plans and rates here. If you need further help, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Kind Regards,