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i moved to new place and its been already 3 months but havent receive any bill or welcome package email from AGL?

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Hi gyan,


These are Community Pages (a Forum) and as such may be answered by either an AGL paid employee or some one like myself who is a member.


Thank you for your response to the other thread today by the way. I did that with the HERE  link in that post.


Bills are produced on average every NINETY DAYS.

However if you do not have a smart meter it will rely on a person walking down the street and reading your meter.


Now this is normally a reader employed by your SUPPLIER not your RETAILER.

Your SUPPLIER is the person that delivers your Electricity (or Gas) to your residence.

The Retailer is the person that charges you the cost of the RETAILER supplying your electricity or gas to your residence (Supply Charge).


So if the power goes off in your street it is the problem of the SUPPLIER rather than the RETAILER.

Now if your power goes off and you are the only person in the street that this has happened to this means only one thing.


IT IS NOT THE PROBLEM OF THE RETAILER it's either your POLE FUSE has gone or your house has an electrical problem.


The good thing is that you phone your SUPPLIER FIRST  (as they are not supplying) and if the pole fuse is not gone they will normally check your main circuit board to find the problem (or check anyway as they are being paid).


Hopefully you will get a bill soon.


If not contact AGL on this LINK, use the phone number section, wait and talk to someone, if you don't have a link to your My Usage page on AGL HOME PAGE ask to get it created for you.


Reply to this post if you are still unsatisfied and I will try and help.




Cheers Neil

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