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my account is billed from 3 April 2020.  There has been no one in the apartment since 12 March 2020.

  The invoice is for $307.51.

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Firstly not a good idea to supply address details here.


You need to contact AGL directly.


@David_AGL  suggests:

Here are some things you should know:

  • We're experiencing longer call wait times. If you'd rather not wait on hold, you can  message us from your My Account overview page, between 8am - 8pm AEDT
  • The easiest way to manage your account is to log in to My Account or the AGL Energy app - from here, you can pay bills, view your usage and message us

You should contact AGL to discuss your issues.


I presume you mean the account is billed up to 3 April.

If you have once every three month account (90 days) then your invoice is reasonable.

You still have to pay for a supply charge ($1.00 a day), if you have electric hot water then that is still being heated.


You still were using power for (90-17) 73 days in that billing cycle.


For the 90 days usage that works out to be $3.41 a day.

Get your last bill and compare that.

( Just find the bill total and divide it by 90 to get your daily usage).


Hope this helps, but still suggest that you contact AGL, if doing the simple sums find that you have excess usage.








Cheers Neil

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Thanks for the heads up, @NeilC .


@Brahmi1951 , because this is a public forum, I've removed your address details from your post for security.