change of registered owner and the billing information of an existing electricity meter

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I am writing from Hong Kong on behalf of my supervisor.

He has just acquired a place in QLD with an existing tenant and with an electricity meter installed there. The tenant is also paying the bill and will be moving out soon.

How can my supervisor change the following information and by what kind of processing OR does the existing tenant need to do anything:

1. update of the registered owner of the meter (i.e. my supervisor but not the tenant)

2. update of the billing information as the supervisor will be paying the bill with immediate effect

To be more specific, what information do I need to collect from the tenant for the necessary processing?

Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated. Finally, I shall be grateful if you can give me your hotline call number (including the areas code as I will be calling from HK). 

Yours faithfully,

Sylvia Lam

+852 5238 9192



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Hi kslam,


Thank you for your post!


Your supervisor can very quickly and very easily set up their account and take responsibility of this meter online by using our website here. Once this request has been made, there is nothing further that the existing tenant needs to do. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Kind regards,