add access details for meter reader?

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Hi, I have 2 long driveways on my rural property and the meter box is located down the 2nd driveway. The first driveway only accesses stables where there is no meter and is always locked. I have a sign on that gate stating that meter access is via the next driveway and an arrow --> and then there is a sign on the 2nd driveway gate with directions to follow the above powerline down to the meter box. I always leave the second gate unlocked for days requested of each meter read but now and again I get an estimate with reason given as gate was locked. Can I add "meter access is via second driveway" to my account details so that they know to access the meter via the second driveway as apparently the signs on my gates are not giving them enough information.

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Hi @BindiE, we can add that to your account information. I'll need to send you a private message so that we can get that sorted out for you.


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Thank you Mark!
I've replied to your PM with my details.