Your electricity rates are changing email

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I really dislike the way AGL word their emails. The most recent email I received title "Your electricity rates are changing".


They then go on to say:


"Effective from 1 July 2024:


•          You'll see that some of your electricity rates may be decreasing or increasing."


Which is it AGL? Are my rates increasing or decreasing? I know you know, so please just tell me straight up. This is not the first time I've received an email kine this. It's very annoying and I've just about had it. 



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AGL prices are increasing if you are in SE QLD.

I am disappointed and distressed by this news.


I suggest you try the Energy Made Easy website.


When contacting AGL customer service I was told the increase was Mandated by the Australian Government.Really  ?

It is so upsetting to see AGL solar feed in reduced to 5c per Kwh,  So solar panel install is a waste of money these days as you may be lucky to generate $1.00 a day !  Then we get charged daily supply cost going up to $1.24 + a day and Tariff 11 usage jumping to 33c + Kwh a day.


There are better options available out there.


I have been a loyal customer for a number of years for Electricity, Mobile and Internet and will be leaving AGL if they choose not to make available a more competitive plan.  



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Hmm, I thought I posted a reply this morning, might not have hit send.


Anyway, got similar email last night re my workshop power price change, and this morning a similar one for home.

Both said prices were decreasing, both had a link to new rates.


Workshop going down Peak 1.42c, off peak down 1.03c, both + gst . . . supply charge same.


Home, Peak going down 3/4 of 1c (yes 0.748c decrease), other TOU charges similar, this is including GST as a comparison.


Not sure what to do with this windfall.

In the past 2 years home power rates have gone up 44%, when the news articles were saying expect 25%, so not sure what happened there with that greater increase.


I've checked, here in SA there are no better deals.