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AGL has recalled our last 4 invoices and then re-entered them all back on our account and in the process inputted the Sept invoice incorrectly. We have paid every invoice correct to the bill. But online says we owe  money still. We believe this in an input error on your end. If you look at all the invoices and all the payments, they match exactly. I have made contact three times and still no one can tell me why there is an amount owing. I only know there is an amount owing as I logged in for something else. Still waiting on resolutions to call back from last week. Just wondering how long will this take? My next move is to do a complaint with the Energy ombudsman Qld. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Tannie, thank you for reaching out.

It sounds like we have have re-calculated the amount owing, after correcting an estimated bill.

I'm going to message you privately for your account details so I can confirm.

Kind regards,

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It wasn't estimated. They were all actual reads according to the invoices. I also don't have any copies of any amended invoices or communication to say they made a mistake back in Sept. 

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Boom! Same thing happened to me!!!!