Where is my electricity bill this quarter?

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I am with AGL for both electricity and gas. Usually the electricity bill comes first followed by gas. The bills are never more than a few days later than the meter reading. This quarter, my gas bill has come and been paid but still no electricity bill. On my account it says that the last electricity meter reading was 6th of May which means the meter has not been read for this quarter yet despite on my last bill the time period for reading this quarter being stated as between 4th and 10th of August. Calling AGL only resulted in the representative stating that it was still "being generated" and that meter reading dates had "not been updated" yet on the website. It has been a few days since that call and the electricity bill still has not been sent yet. I want to know when I will be issued with my bill as I do not want a large bill because AGL is incapable of keeping track of their readings and their billing system. 

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Hi Van94, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood. 


It sounds like we may need to get in touch with the distributor or meter provider to follow up on the meter reads. Please get in touch with us here and we'd be happy to call them and follow up!


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my bill was due 3 days ago, but just keeps extending the dates. why can't i get a bill on the due date.

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Hi @xmastree, welcome to the AGL Neighbourhood!

Again, this sounds like it might be due to us needing to verify some data with your distributor. Contact us here and we'll take a look for you!