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simply electricity offering me 35% discount on usage and supply charges and 20%on gas have been a loyal agl customer for last 20 years can you match please meter no 59589432


ps for early payments in addition to govt discounts

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Hi there rajendra,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


This is something we'd love to help you out with, but we can't do this through the Community I'm sorry to say. You can view the discounts available to you by following this link. You can even sign up online if something grabs your fancy!


Alternatively, you can chat with our customer service team by following this link.


Kind regards,



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my ex husband was leave with me and all bills come to the ex husband name. But now he moved to other house but the bills still coming to him name. Now I want to receive the bills to my name. That is possible???

could you please let me know if I can change the him name to my name. 

Thanks a lot




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Hi Paola,


Of course you can request this!


To arrange for this to happen, you'll simply need to get in touch with our customer service team here.


Kind regards,