Unexpectedly high electricity bill

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New here.
Thought I’d put out the following before before going further. I find it difficult to accept.


I receive a monthly electricity bill: one pensioner household, LED lights, no dryer, no split reversal air conditioning, space heater in one room only, electric throw/blanket, occasional dishwasher. Bills for past months have been in $70s.  Current bill for 11/5 - 10/6 is $176.06. A 100%+ increase in one month. Please! The irony, I was in hospital 13/5 - 31/5 which can be easily verified. However there was one person here here from 13/5-20/5. 

Where to? 


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If it was just you as usual, it would be difficult to work out such a difference.

The person staying there for a week may have had more 'loose' power usage habits, but hard to imagine it could make that much difference.


A few things to check . . .


Was it an estimated read ?

Depending on meter type . . . if you have a digital meter, then this bill is likely correct for data taken via the meter.

If you have an analogue meter, those are usually a quarterly actual reading taken, and the 2 months between are estimated, or a consumer can upload a reading just before each months bill is due, so it is more accurate.

It could be that an estimated read was well overestimated, and if an analogue meter you should be able to read it yourself and upload a reading via the website login or app, if it is indeed now less than a reading shown on the bill.

If the meter reading is a little higher now than shown on the bill, then it's likely the reading on the bill was correct.


Have you dropped off any set plan you were on ?

Usually you'd get a letter to say your contract for 12 months is coming up, and you then go onto the standard plan, which might (likely) be dearer.


Has your plan or have tariffs changed ?


A little investigation on your part now could prepare yourself for contact by AGL, either here by private message, or via phone or app chat service.


Good luck getting to the bottom of this.

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On 18/6/24 Lester replied to my query in the Neighbourhood forum regarding the above subject.

I understood that I would be contacted by AGL. To date, this has not happened.

Can the following questions be answered:

1. My account states I am on a Flexible Saver Plan. Is this the best plan for me?
Given years of loyalty to AGL is there not something better? I note the current
advertising campaign enticing people to switch providers and come across to AGL. I
am not interested in ‘stacking.’

2. I used to receive a quarterly bill. Why did this change to a monthly one? My gas bill
continues to be quarterly .

3. The account for 17/5/24-10/6/24 was based on a meter reading - an interval meter
reading. I cannot accept that it was $92.51 more than the previous month. I
understand prices are increasing but this is more than 100%. And as previously
stated, I was in hospital from 13/5/24-31/5/24 which can be verified. The house was
totally unoccupied, and most appliances not on standby, from 20/5-31/5.

Given that the meter reading (700155209) is cumulative, AGL must have access to
the meter readings on which the previous months are billed. I request the previous
three months’ readings be sent to me.

Thank you in advance.