Transferring to AGL

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Yesterday I wanted to transfer an account to AGL, and found that while your customer service was so pleased to facilitate my request, I just WISH that she would listen to what I was actually saying

I mentioned, at least 4 times that this was a BUSINESS transfer, I had all of the relevant information for her including the NMI and address of same


 I was asked if there was life support equipment, no this is a business, do you have a concession card, no this is a business, what is your name..............., but this is a business, what is the name on the previous provider's account .....&....... trading as ............... OH, so this is a business, SERIOUSLY?  and this is after I mentioned that this is a farming account, WHICH IS A BUSINESS

Please listen to your customers, some of them know what they actually want

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Jan12453 ,


Sorry you ran into this frustration. Just so you're aware, there's actually a separate contact number for business sign-ups. You can find it listed on the Business Plans page.

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The process to switch can take up to 10-90 business days because the switch only occurs at the time of your next meter read. Your distributor will carry out an actual reading of your meter and this will be provided to your old retailer for a final bill.