Supply Charge for Solar Plan

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Hi All, 


New to AGL and Solar! Just wanted to know about the supply charge in SE QLD. I am being charged 145c per day which is absurdly high to me. I do understand that smart/digital meters also come at a cost. My main question is, does this seem about right? or is there something wrong with my plan and it's about what it should be?


Interested to hear everyone's experiences.


Thanks in advance!

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The supply charge is set by your Supplier (Energex I presume,listed on the top of your bill), it has nothing to do with AGL (your retailer) who simply collect this on behalf of them.


I live in SA and our prices are double yours (or maybe more), but I only pay 109c per day.


Nothing to do with AGL and the good thing is if you go on holidays and turn off all the power you will still pay the supply charge for the whole time, for a 90 day bill period you will pay $130.50 for supply charge.

Cheers Neil

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