Updating Distributer with AGL Account Holder Information

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In South Australia the sole electricity distributor is SA Power Networks (SAPN). They provide households with a "Your Meter Data" service I would like to access. To access my meter data, through SAPN, I have to provide them with my NMI and my personal details. Once they check this matches their records, they can provide me with access to my meter reading data.

SAPN records are updated when a retailer (AGL in this case) signs up a customer (me in this case). However, it appears that AGL did not send SAPN the correct customer details when I signed up almost 2 years ago.


I have tried contacting AGL via the chat function. However, each time the agent assumes I'm trying to change provider and things go round-and-round in circles. In one instance, the agent hadn't heard of SA Power Networks. I think my request is relatively straight forward:

I would like AGL to submit a Customer Details Notification to SAPN to update the Account Holder information associated with my NMI.


Here is an email I received from SAPN regarding this issue. It would seem that SAPN have "The Energy Consumer" listed as the account holder rather than me:


Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your enquiry about the My Meter Portal.

The registration of NMI XXXXXXXXXXXX failed in the Portal due to your Retailer not sending SA Power Networks current occupant details.

Your NMI XXXXXXXXXXX is currently listed in our system under The Energy Consumer.

We would suggest that you contact your Retailer and request that they submit a Customer Details Notification to SA Power Networks to update the Account Holder information.

Once this has been received from your Retailer, we will be able to complete the registration in the Portal on your behalf and you will be able to view you meter data.


SA Power Networks Team

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I also know I can access my meter readings through AGL and the AGL app. However, I would like to utilise the service from SAPN instead of, or in addition to this.

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I have exactly The same problem. Did you get the issue resolved? 

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Nope, heard diddly squat! My attempts about 12 months ago were similar. Going through their chat client is painful. It feels like talking to an AI rather than a real person 😞

I'm seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. Especially now I've got a couple of months usage info with a new RC aircon.