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I used Finder, to change from ReAmped reluctantly, to come to AGL.  I clicked on the AGL Plan Value Saver which had $1,129 a year approx which was less than 22% of the current reference price.  Signed up.  Then I get an email from AGL which had "This value Saver plan is 21% less than the current reference price" and had an annual cost of $1,359.63.


That's a massive difference!  Is it misleading incorrect advertising on Finder or am I missing something.  Please change it back to the 22% less and whatever you first advertised it as.  Finder is meant to be a comparison website which only works if you're truthful about what people are signing up for. Please contact me urgently via email as I'm not paying this amount.

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Hi @HelenLubke, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood. 


We would need to look into your account to see why this has occured. I'll send you private message to grab your account details from you. 


Kind Regards, 


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Just looked up what you are talking about.


Now you understand that this does not mean you get a 22% discount but it is the ESTIMATED cost of your purchase price from AGL based on you purchasing $1392 of electricity at full recommended retail price.


Now the Australian Government Website ( states that a single user in NSW (Sydney) would expect to pay  $1010 per year based on AGL pricing.



Now Finder is a comparison website as you have stated and as such does not have to comply with Government the same laws at the actual retailers.


Now when you signed up with AGL they informed you that they expect you to pay around $1360 per year for your electricity.


Now if you had gone to AGL and looked up their plan and then clicked on it, you would have been taken to the Energy Made Easy Website and after filling out all of the details you would have been given an estimate of your bill.


Now the 21% or 22% is not a DISCOUNT VALUE but a comparison price of recommend retail pricing.


For instance the price stated by AGL indicates you would be paying $1722 a year at recommended retail price, obviously as they now have more details about you electricity usage.


It is not false advertising, as I think you are accusing AGL with, but information, information on what discounts you are receiving on recommended retail price.


As to not paying the amount, I don't believe you have received a bill yet, what the the statement "an annual cost of $1,359.63" means is that you may expect to pay approximately $113 per month for your electricity.


You are lucky you do not live in SA, using the same data in Energy Made Easy


We have to pay $380 more for the same amount from the same supplier, now if you are interested in facts that is 37% more.


No I am not an AGL employee, I am simply a member of the Neighbourhood (the same as you) and are simply offering advice and showing you a method where you can go and get true facts.


Anyway welcome to the Neighbourhood and I hope that you do not just become a person that just complains but join in and offer correct advice when appropriate.


Please also take the time to LIKE responses and also RE-SOLVE your queries when the response solves your issue (as I believe this reply does).


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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My email, Neil, was directed to an AGL employee.  It was a simple question requiring a simple response.


I know what the reference price is.


That is straight from the ACCC website.  I signed up to 22%, got 21%.  I did the maths and that's 1% more that I'm not paying. It is not, as you stated, "a comparison price of recommend retail pricing".

As to not paying the amount, of course I haven't received a bill yet and that is quite obvious to anyone.

Once this issue is sorted, you'll never see me on this forum again, so rest assured.

Also, if you start each sentence with "now", it requires a comma after it or the whole sentence makes no sense.