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Prior to recent installation of Smart Meter I had 2 meters The 2nd one being for CL1

If the Smart Meter charges me for Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder off the one Smart Meter why am I being charged for CL1 as a separate charge?

To clarify, I do not have solar.

Now that I do not have a 2nd meter to check the accuracy of CL1 usage  How do I know if AGL is accurate? 

My Smart Meter Plan did not refer to CL1 in tariff break up of the new rates.


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Hi Nelson1947, Thanks for reaching out. The second meter (Controlled load) you had before the  smart meter might have been for your hot water, floor heating or pool pump. I can check your current configuration to give you a better understanding of the meter setup at your site. I'll send you a private message shortly to get more details. Cheers, Deepesh

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Thank you I received the  AGL Energy Insights email. It shows that my electric hot water system i s using 22% of my energy usage, As I use hot water for dish washing in the mornings for less than 10 minutes and shower in the mornings for 15 minutes and dishwashing again after lunch and after dinner How can I reduce the hot water tank electricity that is powering the tank all day and night?