Double Charging me for my Gas bill

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Hi ,


I am actually very disappointed with AGL. I am moving out from my current residence to another one with AGL itself ( combo - Electricity, gas and Internet). I am paying all my bills on smooth billing with direct payment. Now I have request AGL to help me with the moving out and to my surprise I received a message stating that there is my gas bill overdue of $400.64. While I am paying per fornight. I contacted the assistant service and the person was not capable to tell me if i am obliged to pay or not. Plus he or she has the decency to tell me yes all the past payments are confirmed but is not capable to tell me why I am being charged $400.64 for gas. They just say yes pay if you want.? Why are you puttinf untrained people to assist us? Obviously this person does not have the knowledge or did not understand what I was asking for. So I want an answer at earliest thank you. Why am being charged twice while I am still pursuing service with AGL.

AGL Moderator
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Hello Cheryll,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


I am sorry to hear about the poor experience that you have received and the lack of communication with your bill smoothing now that your account has been closed, this certainly does not align with our values and is disheartening to hear. 


We value customer service and getting things right and want to assist you. Once a move out has been requested, any payment arrangements are automatically stopped, this would explain why you received an overdue notice, however, we can certainly set up a new arrangement to match with your fortnightly payments. 


So that I can further assist you with your account, I will send you a private message and get some details from you. 


Kind Regards,