Ridiculously large usage numbers in on-line system

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I've just been into on-line system and looked at usage and I see some ridiculously incorrect figures.  Usage numbers like 84kWh in one day ?  My typical usage is 8 to 10 per day.  The solar data is just as ridiculous - 33kWh export from a 1.7kW system ?  What sort of moron has created this sort of data and problem ?  Do your developers have the faintest clue as to what they are doing ?  If this data is what will be reflected in my bill (due in two days) then I will sue AGL and take them to the ACCC.  Am sick and tired of putting up with the incredible stupidity of AGL staff and systems.  Get it right - and get it right NOW !

AGL Moderator
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Hi srb623,


Thank you for taking the time to flag this issue and I'm sorry to hear that it has been such a pain point for you.


Please send me a private message (by clicking on my user name - jaydeny) with your AGL account number, email address, and screenshots of this error so that we can investigate this further.


Kind regards,