Retrospective Transfer

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I signed up with AGL for electricity for my home and business back in June. The business transferred no problem. The home address went in as unit 7 rather than unit 77, so now have a bill from AGL and LPE. I was told by LPE that the transfer could be done retrospectively and the LPE bill would be cancelled. I have now changed the address with AGL but have been told the transfer cannot be done retrospectively so I now have a much higher bill from LPE to pay. Basically just want to know if the transfer can be done retrospectively?

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Hi AndGL, thanks for being part of the AGL Neighbourhood.


There are some instances where we can raise a retrospective transfer, however this is only available for Basic or Manually Read Interval Meters, and only in some circumstances. If you have been told that this isn't available to you, it would mean your meter is not eligible sorry!


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