Re: Paid electricity bill a day late

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You choose to charge me around $65.00 for paying my last electricity account ONE DAY LATE. Payment was late because YOU failed to send your customary reminder a day or two prior to date for payment. In addition you have FAILED to respond in any way to TWO Emails sent to you explaining my position. In addition you harnessed me with repeated phone demands DESPITE FAILING to make ANY response to my Emails. Can you provide justification for your outrageous behaviour?.



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Hi @spotty ,


Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience here. We don't actually use email for support inquiries, so it's likely your emails were never received at whatever address you sent them to. 

The best ways to get in touch are by Messaging, Live Chat, or Phone

If you speak to the Resolutions team,  they should be able to address this for you, and find out why you didn't receive the usual reminder. They can also set up a payment arrangement to avoid missing payments in future.