Qld Govt Asset Owner Dividend $50

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For the first time we received the above $50 credit on our account.  What it is for I have no idea and the AGL assistant when I phoned could not explain exactly what it is and why we have qualified for it.  I then noticed that our total credit of $129.54 was not paid into our bank account as was done previously.  AGL had retained the $50cr from the Govt on our  AGL account.  The assistant could not explain why the full credit as shown on our AGL account wasn't paid.  I therefore asked her to take care of paying that remaining credit amount into our bank account and also make sure it happens that way each future account.  She said she couldn't set that up and I would have to ring AGL each account and ask them to refund the remaining credit if it has a Govt **bleep**. Owner Dividend.  She said their accounting system could not set this up on a permanent basis.   Isn't this ridiculous in this time of modern technology?  I resent the fact that I have to waste my time ringing AGL each account to receive the full credit owing.  Not happy. provider.

AGL Moderator
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Hi julie1316,


Thank you for your feedback.


I'm very sorry to hear that your recent interactions with our customer service team have been so frustrating. You can find more information about this rebate here.


Concerning your rebate, this is something that we can arrange to be refunded to your automatically and I apologise again that you've been given incorrect information. If you can send me a quick private message with your account number and email address I'll be happy to help set this up.


Kind regards,