Plan for Senior Savers

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The AGL online systems are hopeless. You can't make a complaint because the links do not work, as they just send you back to your account details.


I had a note on my bill that I should change to Senior Savers to save money, when I had already done this last year. I rang up 131 245 and the lady explained that it was because of new rates and I had to reapply.


It's extraordinarily stupid to make senior citizens go through this convoluted process again each time the rates are changed. Then, when I went on-line to change the plan, it told me I was already on the Senior Savers Plan. So go figure!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi addarroch, We apologise for the poor experience. I want to look further into your account to ensure you are on the best plan available. I'll send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh