Overcharged ?

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Hi there,I just opened my latest bill today (3rd November 2023) and the amount seems not right, my average usage is about $40 per month (30 days), for this billing period, i was overseas from 10 Nov to 2 Dec, i only left my fridge on and my bill is still $35 ( after $2 credit from AGL) which seems not right at all. 

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HI @Ecinaj25, Thanks for reaching out. The electricity bill usually has two components i.e. Usage and Supply charge. If you have been away and have not been consuming electricity for most of your billing period there is a good chance that a major portion of your bill could just be the supply charge component. You can visit https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/energy/billing-and-payments/bill-questions-answered/understand-y... to get a better understanding of your bill. Cheers, Deepesh