Only Showing Estimated Usage On Smart Meter

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I only recently signed up with AGL on the EV saver plan and was activated about 1 week ago. The issue being all my usage is showing as estimated which is odd when I have a smart meter and my previous energy provider was able to read correct figures daily.


I have downloaded my energy usage CSV file and only my controlled load appears to be actually being read with blank figures for my general usage and solar export. I can't get in touch with anyone from AGL to help work out why this is happening, does anyone know how long it should take for actual usage figures to start coming through as the current estimates are completely wrong.



AGL Moderator
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Hi @Billiejoe87, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


Just to confirm, when you are looking at the usage are all of the intervals reflecting estimated? 


If the smart meter skips a few intervals, we are required to mark the day/billing period as estimated. 


However, if all of the data is reflecting estimated we can check the data and request to have it verified if required. 


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