New Smart Meter - Ridiculous cost estimate

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Hi all,


We've just had an 11kw solar (limited to 5kw feed in) and smart meter installed, with the meter complete last Wednesday 20/10.


We've since had the AGL app updated to show solar data and the plan changed to the solar saver.


My estimate has gone mental! I mean proper nuts.


It's now saying we have a cost to date of $31,871.82, and a usage cost of $15,869.87 with 62 days still left in the cycle.


The daily estimate of every day up until the date of install is 1723.66kwh/$547.76 bought from grid.


Furthermore every date since the install shows 0 bought from the grid, but has solar feed in data.


How can i have this rectified? We're a 4 bedroom house, not a local shopping mall.


Going to admit this has my anxiety and frustration up. My experiences with AGL haven't been exemplary since coming onboard 4 months ago.


Thanks - Tom

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @-ToM- ,


Frustrating and stressful! This certainly sounds like some kind of glitch to me. Given that the meter has just been added, my suspicion is that this is some wonkiness with the new configuration that may well resolve on its own.

If you're still seeing it, we'll need to investigate. Unfortunately we won't be able to do that through this public community, because we'll need to access your account directly.

Log in to your My Account and click the Message button in the bottom right, or the top right on the AGL app, and ask to speak with an agent.