Gas bill issue

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I got ridiculous high gas bill $1400 on May. I called many time to customer service and talked to them regarding of this funny bill however, they said you were undercharged since April 2018 when I moved in this property and should pay all amount. I have paid average $160~180 ever 3month for hot water and gas cooking with my wife and myself in 10years with agl. I had look all bills since April 2018 however, hot water meter reading was estimated value, and they charged me whatever they like with estimated reading. I asked them how did you know the initial actual reading in this property without checking or visiting however, customer service kept saying just undercharged and pay the bill without evidence. It means that $350 gas bill every 3 months myself and my wife spent, what a joking  their calculation. And then I monitored myself 48hours(2days)and 146hours(7days) on meter and calculated  average consuming and find out approximately initial actual meter reading it was way different with AGL reading and sent my monitoring report to resolution team and they accepted their mistakes however, still they send me $240 high amount gas bill. I can not trust AGL’s services and their investigation how come customer should investigate and give them a evidence of their mistakes??? Otherwise they just keep charging ridiculous gas bill to customer.. it is like money stealing from customer. I am really frustrated with AGL.

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I certainly appreciate your concerns with this one. For any billing related enquries, you will need to contact us directly with your account details and we'd be happy to assist.