New AGL app keeps crashing & cannot locate bills even via computer

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I have been trying to download a bill for the past 6 weeks via both the iPhone app and via a computer & both sites are completely useless.  I used to get daily usage information which has now disappeared / crashes and I can't download a bill.  I basically get an email saying how much I owe & when it will be direct debited & no way of checking ANYTHING about the bill or usage.  This is simply unacceptable & has only occurred since the app & website were updated.


On a further note, anything to do with payment to you is working fine.  In fact I cannot even delete the direct debit option at all - you're simply more interested in getting money than providing a useful service.


Please fix the app & website at your earliest convenience.  The ONLY reason I have remained with AGL was because I could monitor my daily usage.  However if this information will no longer be available I will terminate all services with AGL immediately.  We have two properties with gas & electricity & soon to have another to connect.

AGL Moderator
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Hi robynjlang,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. We've recently identified an issue that is causing the errors you've referenced here, specifically the inability to view bills or usage data. We're working to resolve this as we speak.


We apologise for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.


Kind regards,