Letter to “energy user” about not having an account

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We just received a letter in the post addressed to the “Energy User” to say that the gas would be cut off it we didn’t respond to the letter by 28/11 (letter received 27/11). It stated we didn’t have an account so the rates were going to be the full amount allowed.


However, we do have an account (gas and electricity) but I cancelled the gas in August when we had no more gas appliances. This is the second time we have received a letter telling us we do not have an account, possibly because AGL failed to transfer the previous gas account properly when we moved.  We thought this was fixed as we have paid several bills, but now we get a threatening letter. 

Obviously cutting off the gas isn’t an issue as we have already cancelled the gas and have no appliances, but it does make me wonder about the electricity and whether to look elsewhere. 

AGL Moderator
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Hello VincentC, Thank you for reaching out to us. 


I appreciate your concern with the Energy User bills after closing your gas account.   


Energy User accounts are issued when we hold the billing rights but there is no financial responsibility, or an account set up. This is mainly designed to notify a new owner or tenant that there is a utility account. 


However, in your case the Energy User accounts are being issued as the meter is still physically at the property. You may receive a few more as we are required to send them out. 


Just to confirm, are you also received Energy Users bills for the electricity? 


Kind Regards, 






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Thanks Natalie, yes we are getting electricity bills through our account. It was only gas we received letters about, thanks for clarifying, regards VincentC