Incorrect solar I feed information

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I recently changed my solar plan to AGL solar savers. Prior to change of plan, my inverter used to generate and sold to grid avarege of 25kw and buy only 5-7kw a day. After changing the plan, now it shows I only sold 3 or 6 kW to grid and bought 25 kW a day which is costing me a fortune (as rate is higher on this plan).

I have screenshots of my inverter showing generated 20-30kw a day however agl app shows only generated up to 7 kW...


What a rip off! Already contacted to AGL twice and they said whether my usage increased or I have problems with the panels... I am waiting for my new bill to come and I will be switching to another company soon! Beware! 

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Hi Ekaraca,


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had this enquiry resolved to your satisfaction.


If you would like us to investigate this further, please feel free to contact us using the below link. We will be happy to assist.





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I found the same thing, just got solar installed on my house so switched to the solar saver. To start with, According to the AGL app we are getting 10C rebate not 21C.


They need to explain the difference between my Solahart, solaredge monitoring and their app. There is no way that their app is correct.


We got our system installed on the 28th of January. It was not even producing energy until 5.00pm. Yet they say we exported 10.70kWh and consumed 24.45kWh.  We had our Solar installed that day. The power was off. We didn't produce anything that day and we certainly didn't consume that much. 


Even when we produced 50kWh is says we exported 8kWh.


AGL solar savers is a complete scam, This is not ok. AGL need to provide explanations fast.



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Hi AdamS,


The Solar Savers Plan causes no changes to your inverter or meter.


The AGL app only displays what you have exported to the grid and not your total solar generation.


If your meter has only just been replaced, the data may actually be estimated at the moment, causing the current discrepancy.


If you would like this reviewed further, please get in touch either by calling or messenger by clicking here.


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Changing plan has actually reduced the Solar generation information on the app.

I changed the plan on 16th of December, and after 2 days infeed data on the app has dropped to 4-8 kw a day from 20-30 kw. If you look at the data below, inverter showed me that 27 kw was generated however, AGL app shows that only 4.29 kw generated and i bought on that day. If there is no mistake this means we used 56 kw on that day which is impossible! So it cost me $9.24 on that day! 

How would you explain this? 




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Hi Ekaraca,


I appreciate your concern with this, if you would like to discuss this further please either call or message by clicking here, so we can review the data further with you.

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im getting ripped off too, I have a 10kw system, it produces roughly 7 to 9kw an hr during peak sun , yet agl says im only exporting 3kw so that means im using the other 5kw. Total nonsense.

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Hi ,


AGL stated that there is no mistake on export data and asked me if i am using any extra devices. I have been using same appliances somehow this issue started after i changed the plan.

Very annoying.

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Hi ConradB and Ekaraca! 


Thank you for your posts, we can appreciate your concerns when it comes to optimising solar benefit. 


When the solar is generated, the household will use that power first, then anything in excess will be exported and credited on your invoice. This can cause a discrepancy between your generation and your credit, ultimately this means that you get free power during the day rather than it being on your bill. 


If you feel that there is a discrepancy in your usage and export you can turn off your inverter for a day and see what your standard days usage is without the solar to get an idea of where it is going to, however this will mean no export for that day so that is your choice. 


For information about energy efficiency to reduce your usage you can have a look at our interactive information here

Thank you 



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Hello, I think I have the same problem. What was the outcome of this?