I want to email someone

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I tried the AGL chat bot.  it couldn't understand my question.

So I called up.  After 22 minutes on hold, someone answered, and they couldn't understand my question, so they transferred me to someone else.  They hung up me and diverted me a customer service survey!

I just want someone to answer a question, and not waste my time.

Can someone PLEASE just give me an email address so that I can email someone about my problem/query.  I don't want to talk to anyone else on the phone as that's clearly a waste of time, and don't even get me started on the chatbots.


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Hi @rufusfrasergord we don't actually have an email address for support queries, but if you log in to your account and click "Send us a message", this will function like sending us an email.


Similarly, if you'd rather not use the phone, you'll be able to chat with a real person via the chat link on this page. 


The "bot"  provides quick answers to the most common questions, but you always have the option to speak to a human customer service agent!

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Thanks for your reply.  So, I logged into my account.  Where exactly is the "Send us a message" link that you refer to?

I only ask because it isn't on the home page.  Nor is it under any of the key 5 headings listed.  The message us blue box open the chat bot, and the Help section (a good place for this link) is seemingly useless.  So can you please, please, tell me where this simple to use, customer centric function is obviously displayed as clearly I'm an idiot as I can't see it.

By the way, if you have any UX designers, I'd get new ones....

Please answer this quickly as I'm losing the will to live and so might not be around to answer any more pieces of helpful advice soon.


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Hi @rufusfrasergord,


On your My Account overview page, the same blue "message us" button that opens the chat bot will allow you to connect to customer service if it doesn't resolve your question. It's there to resolve common queries automatically and more quickly than a customer service agent could, but if it doesn't solve your issue, you'll be put through.


If you'd rather skip it altogether, just say "I want to talk to customer service" or something along those lines. 

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so I did as suggested and used the messaging service.  That was several days ago and no one has come back to me with an answer to my query..


The current closing bill is due in 8 days.  I'm not paying it until this query is resolved as I believe AGL may actually owe me money and not the other way around.


Please get someone to call me with an answer - I have now spent hours phoning, trying to phone, messaging and trying to message AGL about this matter.  I'm not investing any more of my time into this as I'm the customer and to be honest I'm not experiencing much in the way of customer service.




Rufus Fraser Gordon