High Electricity Bills - Broken Pressure Relief Valve

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Hoping someone can give me some advice. 

I live in a rental property, and have been there for two years. We recently have been getting extremely high electricity bills - the latest one that covered one MONTH only was for $380. This same time last year our bill was $150. 

After a couple months of turning everything off and really cutting down our usage, we finally found out that the pressure relief valve on our electric water tank was broken, and pouring out hot water most likely for a couple of months. This has since been replaced. The water tank itself was entirely replaced just over a year ago.

Our usage has now drastically reduced after the valve was replaced, but obviously quite distressed as our bill is so high. Do we have any options with regard to this, given that it was equipment fault? And in a rental property? We still are to receive our water bill as well which is stressful. 


Thank you

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @highfivejunky , I'm glad you got this issue resolved - but sorry to hear it's been so costly. Hopefully someone here can provide some insight, but this might also be one to check with your local tenants association about.