Gass bill too high

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Hi there,


we are living three people in the house barely using facilities in the house we all three work for seven days and our gas bill $242 for the first month and this bill $320 for a month just for gas bill electricity is $141 for month and then $167 for month.


i dont know how they are charging to us am really shocked i paid everything but confused how we can get this much bills 

AGL Moderator
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Hi Hundal, When you are on a monthly billing schedule your first month's bill is estimated, and depending on your distribution area your meter reading could occur either on the second or third month. The bill that you receive after the meter reading is successfully done is noted as an 'actual bill' that ensures you are billed up to date for the true usage at your property. You can always submit the meter reading via to get up-to-date usage information on your AGL app. You can also visit to get useful energy-saving tips so you can stay on top of your usage. Cheers, Deepesh