Gas bill amount differences

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The bill amounts are different between the amount stated in the body of the email to the one in the attachment in the email. The one in the body of the email was the cheapest & lined up with the amount online so just paid that one.

I used to just bpay on the attached one though my banking portal so I could have inadvertently paid the higher amount if I didn't compare the 2 this time.


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Hi Topo,


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If your current plan includes a pay on time discount, then you should expect to see two payable amounts listed on your invoices. One of these is the 'discounted amount' which is the discounted total due on or before the due date, and the other is the 'total due' amount which is the amount due if the bill is paid after the due date.


Hopefully this clears things up, but please let me know if it doesn't!


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No it didn't clear things up. There are 2 different amounts on each of the Body of the email & the attachment.

The body of the email had pay on time & a pay after time amount. The attachment had a different amounts for pay on time & a pay after time amount.