Estimated gas usage $8151.40 over 2 weeks

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I got a huge shock when I checked the projected usage on my gas account that it was going to be $8151.40 and when i checked the usage it was over 389986 MJ over just 2 weeks?  for reference and context,the previous usage over the entire period of 01/04/2024 - 30/04/2024 was 6,411.18 MJ .  How is it that the system can estimate a 60X increase in usage from one month to the next?  My house only has a gas heater connected to the gas service and that only comes on during short periods during the day.  


I have done a few meter reads since the last bill and they've already over estimated the meter reading in the month of April.  The estimated end figure was 826 and when I went out to have a look after i got my last bill to confirm it was actually at 792.  A few days later it was up to 798.  Unless the meter is doing laps around during the day I shouldn't be using the amount of gas that you are estimating I'm using.  


Please can you fix up the estimation system and provide more accurate usage estimates based on real data.  

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Similar thing happened to me 

The estimate price was $72 over after I read and sent the meter reading was adjusted 


Wake up AGL how can you estimate and charge double the usage 

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Hi Wyc,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Our bill estimate tool is designed to provide usage estimates by considering key factors such as seasonal usage and historical data. I understand your concern, as the estimate provided on the app was significantly inaccurate. However, the more customer readings you provide, or when the meter reading is done, the more accurate our estimate tool becomes. You can also find more information about estimated bills by visiting We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our service.

Cheers, Deepesh