High 3 monthly Electricity AGL Bills

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I am still in shock over my 3 monthly AGL Electricity Account.  I have solar panels, pay on time discount and still the account is $370.00.  I don't have children, never use heating and have very few devices on standby and only wash one a week with a very new energy efficient front loader.  I have a smart meter.  I have never had such a high account like this before.  In past years I have used my heating.

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Hi Amanda,


I am assuming you have the app which goes with your inverter, if so, the first thing to investigate is to ensure that you are getting readings for the power generated by your solar panels.  You can pull this information from the app.  Then the second thing to check is your feed-in-tariff versus energy drawn from the grid.  You can use the AGL app to get this information and see about getting a detailed meter usage which shows your daily consumption and Feed-in-Tariff. You would then have the correct information as to how much kWh is being generated by your solar panel system, how much is being fed to the energy retailer (Grid), how much solar power which was generated was consumed by your house.


In summary, the key pieces of information you need:

1) What was your Feed-in-Tariff on the bill?

2) What was the kWh energy consumed on the bill? (Also known as the kWH drawn from the grid)

3) What was the total kWh energy produced by your Solar Panel for the same time period on the bill?


This should confirm what is happening in terms of Solar versus the Grid on your bill.  





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Thank you for your advice.  It would appear that the electricity provider did not provide an actual reading for this bill cycle (for my controlled load and normal electricity usage) so they provided estimated meter readings which were much higher than my normal electricity readings.  The solar readings were actual not estimated.  As a result of this my account has been put on hold and AGL will attempt to reissue my account with actual readings and not estimated readings. I am disappointed that it took 3 calls to get to the bottom of this issue as I always had issues before I had a smart meter with estimated meter readings even when I submitted my own readings always well ahead of time.  I thought that having a smart meter would alleviate these kinds of issues ....