Electricity Usage & Solar feed in not updating

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My electricity usage and solar feed in is not updating. Usage is showing as estimated and no solar feed in data. Spoke to AGL resolutions several times in the past 2 weeks and no resolution. 

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Hi jaisondavis! 

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We'll need to check your account to see why this might be the case for you, please send us a private message by clicking on my name and we'll have a look for you. 


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Hi Nam. I am also in similar situation where my electricity usage and solar feed in have not been updating since the 28/11 I have spoken twice to AGL chat and have not had any update since then. I was told they have raised with IT department and that it won’t be updating since they put a lock on it to find out what happened however this has been going on two weeks now and I have no idea when will this be fixed and no updates about it. I think the frustrating part is not knowing when it will be looked into and be fixed. Wondering if anyone can share how this issue was fixed? Thank you.