Discount/freeze on paying bills

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I have tried calling and going into My Account to contact you about applying for a discount/feeeze on my bills but I cannot get through. All 3 of us living in my apartment have lost our jobs today and cannot afford to pay bills in full. How do I get a long extension on the bills? I want to apply for Stay Connected but none of the links are working. If I don’t pay my bill in full will you turn off my power? Thank you

AGL Moderator
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Hi ShellyB,


Thank you for your post!


Our customer service teams were facing significant wait times due to impacts from COVID-19 earlier this week. These wait times have now reduced, so if you still require support you can request a payment extension by using our website here. Alternatively, you can log into you AGL My Account here and click "Message Us" once logged in to speak with a member of our customer service team.


Kind regards,