Disappointed.. AGL removed my discounts silently

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Its interesting AGL advertises that they are trying to help the community through these difficult times but I was surprised to see my double up discount and pay on time discounts disappear from my bills?


Does AGL really want us to believe they are doing everything in our best interest or is it the same old troupe to maximise profits and hope that people don't realise when they get dodgier rates and lower discounts?


This is on the back of yet another gas price rise.  Interesting that although the stuff is mined in Australia I could still buy it cheaper from one of the countries we export to... the lucky country is for some of those lucky few at the top of the food chain it seems. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi ErikC! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


We are very aware that it is a difficult time for everyone at the moment, and are dedicated to supporting our customers through this time. 


The discounts being removed from your account would have had nothing to do with the current situation, regardless of bad timing, more to do with your old discount expiring as they all have an end date. 


AGL moved away from conditional discounts such as pay-on-time, double up discounts, or direct debit discounts in July 2019, and moved towards rate based savings to ensure that noone was disadvantaged by having conditions on their savings. 

This means that any discount plans that was conditional previously will auto roll over to our rate based plans at the end of our plan term. 


I would recommend you touch base with our specialist team here and we can review your account to ensure we are still providing you the best discounts we possibly can. 


Thank you 


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What Ellen1 was trying to say is:

Your contract with AGL expired.

There is no longer any contract that AGL has with a discount (they reduced their prices and made it fairer for all users).


Not being on any contract means you revert to a standard non contract plan similar to your old plan.

Review your current "plan" and compare with other plans that may be suitable for you.


There are options for contract plans and non contract plans.

You can start viewing plans on the AGL site  here View Plans 


I do some work with Seniors and use Wattever to look up available plans.

This site presents the best data I have found to help you get the best plan for your electricity usage.

Make sure you have a copy of your most recent bill to fill out the necessary details to get your best deals.


Alternately you can view plans on Energy Made Easy  which is an Australian Government Web Site.


Switching plans is easy these days (especially if you have a Smart Meter).


Please note that I am just a member of the AGL community an not an employee of any of the companies mention here.


If you prefer there are numerous comparison websites that do similar. You may have seen the Adverts on TV for a few of them.


However these sites to do not compare the market fairly as they only present some of the information (what they get paid for).


Please note that if you have GAS and are not on a fixed priced plan that AGL Gas prices are changing soon.


Hope this helps

Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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