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I live in Sydney, and have gas connected, but only for heating. In the warmer months I still receive 2 bills of around $50 (or more)  just for having the gas connected, but not using any gas as I don't use the heater - its just "dead money".


I did ring AGL sometime ago about this watse of money, and was told a possible option was to have the gas disconnected at the beginning of summer, then re connected at the beginning of winter. Is this a viable solution to save paying this "dead money" for gas I never use?


Could I get some quotes on the costs of disconnecting now and reconnecting 6 months later, to see if its worthwhile doing........unless there is a better/cheaper option than doing so? At the moment I'm paying money out and getting nothing in return.





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As you stated the bill is for just having the gas connected. This is called a SUPPLY charge.

Its your payment to the Gas Supply Company for your ability to have gas available.


You could get your Gas disconnected ( a fee ) and then when you need gas for winter get your gas connected (another fee).


Possibly it may cost you $200 or $300 to get the gas connected and reconnected.


May be you should think about having gas heating or a gas stove as well to maximise you gas usage.




Cheers Neil

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Thanks for your reply @NeilC .


I originally spoke to AGL on the phone quite a few months ago about the supply charge, and it was they who suggested I disconnect/reconnect. It was wasn't that expensive from memory, probably about 1/2 of the  two supply charges I pay annually. I'm asking the question again to get the actual cost in writing as the person I spoke to wasn't really 100% certain. 


I was hoping I would get an actual reply from AGL itself so I could get the cost in writing before I took that option. I couldn't find any official email address direct to them so had to post it here.


Do you know of an actual email address where I can put my question to them and get an official answer with the correct amounts of the disconnection/reconnect?





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Hi LdB! 


Welcome to AGL Community. 


We understand that we have customers who only use gas during the winter period (seasonal usage), you can organise to have your gas meter locked and plugged after the winter period and then reconnected when you are wanting to use it again.


The fees associated with disconnection and connection are what we call "passed through fees" in which the networks will charge AGL to have the jobs completed and then passed onto the customer. At the moment, in NSW, there are no fees to have the meter locked and plugged, you just need to contact AGL to have this organised for you. The reconnection of the gas meter can be up to $64.94 depending on who your gas network is. 


Kind regards, 



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Thanks for your informative reply Nam.


Looks as though AGL "have me over a barrel" with that high cost of a reconnection fee - that's nearly the cost I pay for supply for each of the 2 bills I pay during the warmer months. Is it worth the hassle of arranging disconnection, then paying the reconnection fee, just to save around $50 a year - probably not.


I just don't think its fair that I have to pay for something I don't use. Supply fee - a bit of money for nothing for AGL  I reckon 😞