Credit card via PayPal never gets charged, only bank account

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Hi, I have PayPal set up for direct debit. I have both my credit card and bank account associated with the PayPal. However, whenever AGL charge my PayPal account, the credit card option is never processed. Only the bank account option is.


Credit card is set up as my preferred payment method with PayPal.


Paying using credit card via PayPal was fine for years until a few months ago. I have no issue paying with credit card via PayPal for other utility bills.


My bank says there are no restrictions on my credit card. I have contacted AGL about this issue and they said to call my bank...

AGL Moderator
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Hi David,


Thankyou for reaching out via the AGL Neighbourhood.


As PayPal is a separate entity we do not have the capability of selecting which bank account/card is linked for payments. If you are still facing issues we would recommend contacting PayPal directly, or using one of our other payment methods displayed on your AGL bill (eg. BPAY, direct debit etc.)


Kind regards,



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Thanks. I found the fix though. Have to remove existing PayPal payment method from AGL account, then re-add it back in again.