Credit Transfer not showing on my account

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We  recently moved and requested that the credit from our old account be transferred to our new account.

Although I have been assured several times that this has been done, my account still shows a Zero balance.

I was then told that it could take up to a week to appear on my account - 10 days later, still zilch.

if our old account - which is still showing as "Disconnection in progress" despite having sold & moved out of the property a month ago - is now showing as Zero balance, why doesn't our new account show the transferred amount?

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Hi Anngst! 

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The online account balance can take some time to update, especially if we haven't issued your first bill as of yet. We can certainly double check that for you via AGL Messaging on your My Account here


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What do you consider "some time" ? 

It has been weeks since this was first requested and at least 3 people have assured me that our account is in credit.

It has been at least 7 WORKING days since the funds were transferred.

I think that is more than enough time.