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We left our previous property December 11th and the bills we were receiving quarterly were astronomical, through the roof at about $2000+ per quarter 


We lived in a duplex with only a thin dividing wall between us and our landlord/neighbour who has a large family 


We questioned our bill several times and were consistently told that we used that amount, we said that it would be impossible of us to have used that much and we kept getting told it was an accurate meter read 


We asked for an investigation into wiring or connections because we had our suspicions that our electrical connection was somehow being tapped into as our neighbour/landlord built the property and had his own tradesmen/sparky friends do his wiring for him 


What has confirmed our suspicions is that our quarterly bill is now $580 compared to the $2000+ per quarter bill we were receiving there


Something is not right about this and I want it investigated now as a matter of priority and if found to be correct I want those bills waived and our now still $5900 bill with regular repayments made to be very dramatically/significantly reduced


I’m using this means of communication to provide some visibility to hopefully senior people in the business as previously our requests and concerns have fallen on deaf and unhelpful ears 

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HI MaryZee,

Welcome to the AGL Community!


I'm sorry to hear that these issues have been dragged out for you. Excessively high bills are typically caused by either a faulty meter or appliance, but if you have already moved out of the property then these possibilities may be hard to investigate .


We can't conduct an investigation for you through the AGL Community I'm very sorry to say, however our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you further. You can find current contact methods here.


Kind regards,