Claiming electricity credits.

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I* would like to have my electricity credits tranferred back to me.  How do I do this for each billing???

AGL Moderator
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Hi Solarguy1,


Great question!


You can elect to have any excess solar credits refunded to your bank account automatically after each billing period. To arrange this, you'll simply need to get in touch with your customer service team with your bank account details handy. I encourage you to reach out to us via web chat here!





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I have claimed my credit, AGL retained $100, I followed advised procedure and emailed Payments Dept with a copy of my bank statement to confirm the account is mine - even though AGL have been crediting to the same account for years, including the part credit made a few days before! I then received the remaining $100, along with an email from Payment dept confirming it. Today I see they have DEBITED the original part credit from my account!! I have emailed yet again requesting it be returned. How hard should it be to get your money paid to you, in full, each quarter as requested on numerous occasions? Do I cut my 20 plus years relationship with AGL and go to another provider who might have an accounts dept that knows what it is doing?