Billing issue after service disconnection

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 I am frustrated with the billing issues I have faced after disconnecting my electricity and gas from my old property. AGL just can't get it right. Disconnection was done in Oct 3rd but after 3 phone calls to AGL contact centre I still am being billed for service on that old property. 


As a reputable company AGL has done so far is bill me again. No apologies after calling in to ask them to fix it. No compensation for faults at their end. AGL has been quick in charging the one off termination fee aka last reading. Just continue to charge customers. 


After just talking to AGL last week when I was told all has been addressed, today I received a bill for gas service for a period after the disconnection. 


AGL please get fix the issue and compensate me for my money and time.

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Hi Joga,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


I'm sorry that you've joined us here under these circumstances. I'm confident that I can get a quick resolution on this for you, so if you find the time I'll ask you to send me a quick private message by clicking my handle (jaydeny) with your AGL account number and address.


Kind regards,